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Yatan Pal Singh

Speakers and Trainers for International Recovery Symposium

This list of speakers and trainers is being updated as we welcome new people on board.

Igor Koutsenok
Yatan Pal Singh Balhara.png

Dr Yatan Pal Singh Balhara

Professor of Psychiatry,

All India Institute of Medical Sciences

  • Global Master Trainer on drug demand reduction for The Colombo Plan and UNODC.

  • Secretary General of the World Association on Dual Disorders (WADD).

  • Consultant to WHO and UNODC.

  • Coordinator of “BehavioR”- the regional resource hub on behavioral addictions and ‘master’- online resource hub and telehealth portal on Mental Health and Addictive Disorders.

  • Published more than 275 research papers in peer reviewed journals on issues related to addictive disorders and mental health. 

Dr Danai
Professor Igor Koutsenok - keynote speaker IRS 2023


Professor of Psychiatry

University of California, San Diego

  • Director of the UCSD Center for Criminality & Addiction Research, Training & Application.

  • VP of International Consortium of Universities on Drug Demand Reduction.

  • Director of International Addiction Technology Transfer Center, Ukraine.

  • Served as Director of Prevention, Treatment, & Rehabilitation, UNODC.

  • Led the design and implementation of multiple training and technical assistance programs for mental health and addiction treatment practitioners, primary health care and social work practitioners, criminal justice professionals in the United States and around the world.

  • Authored and co-authored over 60 scientific publications, one monograph, and contributed to 5 books.

Leaf Pattern Design
Achmad Nuhung
Dr. Danai Indrakamhaeng Consultant Psychiatrist & Global DDR Trainer.jpg

Dr. Danai Indrakamhaeng

Consultant Psychiatrist,

Bangkok Hospital, Chiang Mai

  • Global Drug Demand Reduction (DDR) Trainer with The Colombo Plan.

  • Authored “The Impact of Exposure to Paraquat, Glyphosate and Chlorpyrifos pesticides on Child’s Neurobehavioral Developmental and Mental Health Effects in all age groups” for the Ministry of Health, Thailand.

  • Co-author of “Recommendations for Health Care Providers in the Treatment of Methamphetamine Use Disorders” by Working Group on Recommendations for Health Care Providers in the Treatment of Methamphetamine Use Disorders, Department of Medical Services, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand.

  • Research publications:

    • “Cognitive impairment in methamphetamine users with recent psychosis: A cross-sectional study in Thailand. Drug and alcohol dependence”, Drug and alcohol dependence, 210, 107961.

    • “Risks of psychosis in methamphetamine users: cross-sectional study in Thailand”. BMJ open, 9(10), e032711.

Achmad Nuhung Global DDR Trainer.jpg


Director, KARISMA Foundation, Jakarta

  • Global Trainer for Universal Treatment Curriculum and Universal Recovery Curriculum.

  • International Certified Addiction Profession- Recovery Support (ICAP-RS) and level 3 in Treatment (ICAP III-Tx).

  • Extensive experience in facilitating and providing training in various countries as well as in Indonesia in the area of substance use disorder treatment and recovery.

  • Working in partnership with government agencies and civil society organizations to improve treatment standards and competencies in the drug demand reduction field.

Muhammad Zunnurain
Mohammad Zunnurain.jpg

Mohammad Zunnurain

Global DDR Trainer

Zunnurain is a skilled Case Manager and Recovery Counsellor. He has led various treatment and prevention projects in different countries with international and public sector organizations, trained a number of global professional on recovery management. He is expert in building community relationships, liaising with Public and Private sector organizations for Drug demand reduction.

He is currently working as International DDR coordinator & leading the recovery management section of Supreme Training & Consultancy Malaysia.

Sam Nugraha
Ali Adyb
Samuel Nugraha Global DDR Trainer edited.jpg

Samuel Nugraha

Global DDR Trainer

Sam has a wide range of experience working in the DDR field since 2003.He has worked with UNAIDS, UNODC and ANPUD in Indonesia.


For the last 5 years Sam has been part of UNODC initiatives such as the International Quality Assurance Programme and the Trainer of TREATNET Family intervention in Indonesia.


Sam set up Rumah Singgah PEKA, a treatment center for SUDs.

This year Sam has embarked on a new initiative: The SMART Recovery Indonesia

Jayvee Aquino
Aly Adyb DDR Trainer.jpg

Ali Adyb

Global DDR Trainer

Internationally Certified Addiction Professional - ICAP 1 & Recovery Support


A global Drug Demand Reduction Trainer with almost 2 decades of experience in Prevention, Treatment & Recovery Support Services.

A relentless and vocal advocate for evidence based practices in the Maldives. Actively involved in helping build the human capital to address the national drug challenge.


Recent work includes creating a training module for and training the Officers of Maldives Correctional Services with the assistance of UNODC.

Jayvee Aquino.jpg

Jayvee Aquino

Global Master Trainer for Universal Treatment Curriculum (UTC)

  • Registered Nurse, ICAP accredited specialist in SUD intervention. 

  • Consultant for UNODC, USAID-URC, & Outreach & Drop-in Center. 

  • Project Head & Program Director for various recovery-oriented systems & engagement programs.

  • Over 15 years of extensive international experience in substance use disorder intervention & recovery management.

Tasleem Akhtar

Global DDR Trainer

Clinical Psychologist

  • Director & Senior Psychologist, Kalsoom Imdad Mental Health Center, Pakistan.

  • Extensive experience in working with public schools and care centers for women and the aged in Pakistan.

Tasleem Akhtar Global DDR Trainer.jpg

Global DDR Trainer

Dr. Richard Gakunju

  • Clinical Director & Advisor, Movement Against Substance Use Africa (MASAA).

  • Senior consultant with National authority for Campaign Against Alcohol & Drug Abuse (NACADA).

  • Consultant with UNODC & UNDP.

  • More than 19 years experience in substance use disorder prevention & treatment.

Richard Gakunju IRS 2023 Kuching.jpg

Dr. Stephen Ting-Kai Leung

Clinical Professor, Taoyuan General Hospital, Taiwan.

  • Assoc. Prof College of Engineering, Taipei Medical University.

  • He has had 8 publications in Bioceramic Techniques on Mental Health Disorders and addiction

  • Principal investigator in Bioceramic Technology in Taiwan.

Dr. Stephen Leung Speaker IRS 2023 Kuching.jpg
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